Established in the year 1969, flow-meter is active in the design and production of devices for measurement, control and supply of fluids, particularly for applications in the medical field. During the years, the great experience conquered in Italy and abroad created the conditions to establish strict partnerships with some of the most prestigious Groups operating in the industry of the medical gases worldwide.

This made flow-meter as a recognized and respected center of excellence in this field. The company’s goal is headed to face with the complexity and the continuous technological evolution in the market of medical devices.

Flow-meter products get applications in oxygen therapy, in suction of fluids, in anesthesia and intensive care, in ventilation therapy and, generically, in the supply of components for distribution of medical gases. This is possible only by investing in qualifed human resources and developing realted activities in design and technology. The strict respect of the medical field rules in absolute, receiving always from the Company management the maximum of attention.

All medical devices manufactured by flow-meter respect and comply the requirements of Directive 93/42/EEC, and meet the technical specifications imposed by national and international reference standards. Before getting the official release to the production, then to the market, the developed new devices support rigorous tests, carried out both in the internal laboratory, and in qualified external centers, in order to guarantee the full compliance of all products to the foreseen conditions of use.

For all medical devices manufactured by the company, the process of CE marking is carried out by applying a complete quality system EN ISO 13485. The components, manufactured in-house or in outsourcing by qualified subcontractors, support first accurate controls, then pass to the assembly,always made inside the factory, and finally the complete devices are subjected to a rigorous testing procedure before being released on the market.

Careful packaging and an efficient shipping system allow safe and quick delivery to customers and distributors worldwide. The production times for orders fulfillment are absolutely acceptable, in application of the operational flexibility, one of the peculiarity of Italian industry excellences, well known and recognized all over the world. Flow-meter dedicates particular attention to the after sale service.

A quick answer to clients comes always in few hours in case of any, rare, incident or not compliance, as well as the supply of spare parts or full technical assistance regarding the devices delivered to the customers. The standard guarantee period of flow-meter devices is 24 months. Flow-meter ™ international view and perspective got the Company’s distribution facilities to operate in a large number of Countries worldwide, both in areas known as modern and advanced in terms of quality of health services, and in areas experiencing strong growth in medical field. In those Countries where specific regulations are applied to allow the import of medical devices and where flow-meter presented its products, the procedures for obtaining the registration and approval at the local Ministries of Health have never resulted in any problems.