Established in 1988, by his founder, Enginner Luigi paracchini, Tekna S.R.L. had his first head quarter is Sesto Calende Italy, where he starts the production of professional showcases and refrigerators.

Since the beginning our main markets has been Italy and Europe having trusted retailers in all the countries. Shortly the brand Tekna became well known in the whole Europe.

Together with his two sons, Engineer Paracchini increased Tekans range of products, manufacturing laboratory cabinets, shock freezer, retarder provers and under- counters for any professional use. The growth of Tekna towards the globalization has stimulated the wish of manufacturing safer and certified products. Since 1998 Tekna is certified at international levels.

This allowed Tekna to expand rapidly all over the world, developing a sales network of exclusive dealerships which have since guaranteed widespread distribution and continuous, prompt support for end users.

Today Tekna reaches an annual production of 10,000 cabinets and can provide the clients with an efficient technical support.

Tekna has organized a team that studies the needs of the clients, finds custom made solutions for specific requests, seeks innovative materials, plans new solutions for new products in the refrigeration business. In fact, all the prodcuts can be customized with the exact requirements that the customers would like to have on the cabinets.